• Monthly Service Plans

  • If you have just one computer or a dozen, TekTrek can customize a proactive monthly service plan to meet your needs.

    Anyone who owns a car understands the concept of preventative maintenance. We replace fluids, rotate tires, perform tune-ups, check the brakes, and replace aging parts before there is a catastrophic failure. We do this because we know it will extend the life of our vehicles and keep them running efficiently and out of the repair shop.

    PC Guardian Agent brings this same pro-active approach to the care and maintenance of your PCs, laptops, and servers.

    Within minutes of installing the PC Guardian Agent, 24/7 monitoring of your device is underway. Like your car’s check engine light, PC Guardian Agent alerts you by email when problems are found. PC Guardian agent also keeps your device running efficiently by scheduling weekly and monthly maintenance jobs. Periodic reports keep you informed of your devices health and all activities being performed.

    But just like your car, parts can and will fail despite all of your good faith preventative efforts. All hard drives will eventually fail. Laptops can be dropped. Power outages and lightning strikes can damage components. Your kid may think it’s a good idea to put their Chuck E. Cheese tokens into your DVD player. And, there is no virus protection that is 100% effective. That’s why PC Guardian Agent supplements its pro-active monitoring approach with hands on remote and on-site support by our certified technicians.

    That’s why we can say with confidence that PC Guardian Agent is one of the most comprehensive pro-active PC monitoring, maintenance, and support offerings in the market today.

    • 24/7 monitoring of your PCs vital signs.
    • Instant email alerts when a problem is discovered.
    • Weekly maintenance jobs keep your PC running at peak performance levels.
    • Weekly reports on your PC’s health status.
    • Remote support for fixing the majority of problems.
    • On-Site service for problems or tasks requiring a hands on technician.

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