• There are many suggestions out there for removing screws with stripped heads. Some that I have found include:

    • Try different screw drivers with different heads
    • Use a rubber band for extra grip
    • Special Screw Extracting plyers
    • Grind a notch into the head using a rotary tool
    • Superglue

    In my case I had a stripped screw in a real tight spot. So, some of these techniques were not even possible. But the superglue one got me thinking. Using my favorite glue – JB Weld, I glued the screw driver bit to the screw. JB Weld sets up more like putty than glue. Easy to manipulate and doesn’t run a lot. But it does take 24 hours to dry completely. Hence the Rube Goldberg affair of securing the screw bit with tape while it dried. 24 hours later with a twist of the screwdriver, the screw came out still clued to the screw bit. Success!


    Removing any part of a laptop is crucial. You need to have focus and be careful all the time. I've tried removing screws with stripped heads using shoe glue which is like super glue and it was effective.


    Was just thinking the same thing while searching for methods an this popped up. Way good to know thx


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