• Hopefully we are all aware of the phone solicitation scams by those claiming to be from Microsoft or Windows technical support. They will tell you that your computer has reported a problem to them or you are infected with malware or a virus. They may even claim your identity is being stolen. Then they will try to convince you to allow them to take remote control of your computer. Once they have remote control you are in trouble. They will take you on a tour of your event logs highlighting the problems they claim you have. Finally they will try to get you to pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix the problems while scanning your computer for your bank account and credit card information. This is just another scam designed to extort and steal money from you. Well the scam has moved to the internet in the form of a web page hijack. A full page emergency alert is displayed with similar claims as the phone scammers. They are hoping you will call the 800 number. You will be locked out of your system. The solutions is to simply hold down the power button until the computer shuts off. When you turn it back on everything will be back to normal. You have most likely have not been compromised, but a virus scan at this point would be prudent. This variation of the scam came complete with audio telling me to call the 800 number.