• If you think your computer doesn’t need regular cleaning, think again. This computer was in a dusty environment and the owner was a chain smoker and a pet owner. Dust and Dirt causes your computer’s fans to slow down and eventually stop. Once that happens your computer will get hotter and hotter inside and will eventually fail from the heat. Have you looked inside your computer lately. If you see and dust buildup on the outside vents, you can bet there is much more inside. A can of compressed air will go a long way to preventing a catastrophic heat related failure. But you will have to be adventurous remove the side panel to get inside the case and blow out that dust. Concentrate your efforts on any and all fans you see inside. Don’t forget to also blow out the power supply fans which are inside that box that the power cord attaches to. We highly recommend you take your computer outside of your house to perform this maintenance task. You will be surprised at the huge dust cloud a case blowout creates.